Written By: Derek Pelland

Crew 120 woke at 0630, and slowly got acquainted with important Hab instruments such as the coffee maker and teakettle. As the caffeine kicked in, Commander John Reynolds led us through the daily plan and daily safety briefing.  The Campus Martius Crew began the day looking as professional as ever in our new uniforms; consisting of bright orange and yellow Skechers shoes, navy blue polo shirts and khaki pants. Needless to say…we looked SHARP. 

Crew Engineer Erick Tijerino made his morning checks around the hab, preparing to pump water and monitoring the status of the Internet connection. He is responsible for managing the amount of data download allowance use.

In preparation to begin simulation, Commander Reynolds led the crew on a brief trek, to familiarize us with the immediate surrounding of the habitat. He pointed out the distinguishing terrain features that can be used for navigating in case an EVA gets disoriented in the future outings. We got a feel for the weather and rocks, in preparation for EVA’s, including key features to be cautious and avoid.

Before going in sim, we took a brief opportunity to organize a crew photo and learn how to use a self timing camera. In matching uniforms, we posed with our new Skechers M-Run Mars shoes and Rover. At 1045 we began sim.
Commander Reynolds briefed the crew on daily reporting, and we began some administrative duties, including planning of individual duties. XO Derek Pelland prepared an Italian lunch and the crew had a great discussion about the possibilities of intelligent life in the Universe.

After lunch we proceeded to the engineering room to get fitted and familiar with the space suits where Commander Reynolds suited up Nora Swisher so the crew understand how to properly prepare for EVA’s. All crewmembers matched up with suits and helmets, and polished the plastic face shields with scratch remover. 

Erick went through the diesel and propane checklist, and pumped the remaining trailer tank water into the static tank. We are now on water conservation. The crew worked together to focus the telescope in the observatory. Crew Astronomer Diane Turnshek aligned the view finder and both the small and main telescopes.  

April Davis planned the EVA schedule for 17 December, organizing roles and responsibilities for tomorrow. HSO Nora Swisher has tested the emergency flight surgeon communications with our crew's Flight Surgeon. If someone has a health emergency, we have a quick response plan in order for treatment or evacuation. 

Crew Astronomer Diane Turnshek and Nora Swisher are trying to coordinate a Star Party (gathering of amateur astronomers to check out the sky) in the Observatory. We hope to get a clear view of Jupiter in the night sky!

Tomorrow we expect the arrival of Nicolas Steiner and his Swiss film crew. Hopefully our Campus Martius Crew patch will arrive at the Hollow Mountain so we can get a delivery.